Loft News

Over the last week, we have worked on a major project modifying the lofts above the mudroom and in the solarium. Moving, remodeling, reworking, and cleaning have led up to an idea that has been months in the making. This is the start of a huge improvement and investment in our classroom, and we are proud to say it is functioning exceptionally well for the first version. 

This undertaking has started with us getting an idea of the design and permission for building from Debra. The design in its current state includes a stairway leading to the top of the loft, with a deck-style railing being built around the perimeter of the edge. The CAD models have been designed by Daniel and Vincent, and are currently getting approval from professional builders in the community. 

So far, the loft has been undergoing lots of cleaning and construction, with the main attraction being a dual pulley system capable of holding slightly less than fifty-five pounds (about 25kg) and reducing the weight to half of whatever is being pulled to the top; however, it does cause it to take twice as long to lift- but this increases safety drastically. The loft pulley hangs from a wooden crane at the top and has been incredibly useful for moving items down from what was originally a storage area.

After the remodeling CADs were created, work began, and access to the loft currently is through a tall ladder; however, this is only temporary. 

We started by pushing everything to the back, during which Owen coined a new term, “tetrising” to refer to the awkward movement and placement of the items in storage. Shortly after we installed the pulley, and after lots of trial and error throughout, day one’s work was over.

The next day, we started off by sweeping the loft, causing it to rain dirt and other debris down, so much so that people at the bottom had to wear eye protection. Shortly after we began to pulley up low tables, rugs, pillows, and a few lights including some strung-up white Xmas lights. 

After this rework, we pulled down all the things in storage and moved them to the other loft above the solarium. Admittedly, we should have done these in the opposite order, but it worked out fine.

Over the next one or two weeks, we hope to finish this endeavor, giving extra space to everyone who comes after us in this classroom. 


In Soizic’s block, we continued working on our personal projects. Since Maggie left the school, she presented her project on flower crowns.  We worked a lot on our  Spanish.

In Spanish, we worked a lot on past tense. There are different conjugations for verbs that are in the past tense. We also worked a bit on vocabulary. We continued marking the parts of speech for a song in Spanish as well.


In Sean’s block we started learning about quadratic equations for parabolas. Vincent brought in a trebuchet on Tuesday and we graphed the data for how far it shot. We worked a bit on making different equations for lines and seeing how changing unknown variables changed where the lines (and parabolas) were on the graph. Parabolas are arcs basically.


The start of last week we started a book group called Gloryland. The author is Shelton Johnson and it is a Realistic-Historical Fiction. We are reading this book and have certain times where we meet up like a seminar to discuss and talk about the book. We talk about our thoughts, what happened in the book, and bring up questions we have. The main theme of the book is about a buffalo soldier named Elijah Yancy  in the west who tells us about his past life and how hard it can be as an African American sharecropper family in the 1900’s.


On Tuesday for Alix’s class we talked about active listening and how you should look and act at a job interview. We got an intro to the new semester of this class. We are going to be doing practice job interviews and learning how to make sure someone knows we are listening to them. 

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